Take Action

I want to share my experience

Would you like to share your story with us, or submit a quote for one of our #ThisIsME or #MEislike campaigns? We’re always looking for contributors and would love to hear from you. There are several ways to get in touch:

  • Send us an email at ukthisisme@gmail.com.
  • Send us a direct message at one of our social media channels, Instagram or Twitter @ukthisisme.
  • Send in a submission form at our Contact page.

I want to make a donation

Firstly, thank you! Any contribution furthers the effort to help ME/CFS patients regain control of their lives. While #ThisIsME does not take donations, we can direct you to recognised ME/CFS charities that will use your contribution for wonderful purposes.

I want to help raise awareness

The more people we can get to join the movement, the better. Here’s some of the many ways you can help raise awareness:

  • Share the #ThisIsME campaign on social media, with your friends, at work- wherever! You can find the graphics on our What We Do page or on Twitter and Instagram @ukthisisme.
  • Organise a charity event– the wonderful organisations above accept donations to fund medical research into the cause of M.E.- and the sooner a cause is found, the sooner we can find a cure. Ideas include a bake sale, fun run, sponsored silence, bingo night, even a mountain climb!
  • Be an active ally- if someone you know is suffering from M.E., learn the best ways to help them find it a little bit easier. These include cooking a meal, helping with housework, or doing a food shop. You can also campaign, fight, and raise awareness for them in their place. Help doctors, friends, and family see the realities of the condition, so that every day the stigma surrounding M.E. can fade further.
  • Send an email to NICE. They are the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence who publish medical guidelines in the UK. Their committee have been particularly dismissive of M.E. patients in the past, and so #MEAction have organised an email petition for new representation. Find out more here.
  • Get involved in a research study. Find out more here.
  • Watch Unrest, a documentary film by Jennifer Brea about her journey with M.E. It is available to watch in the UK on Netflix, Google Play and Amazon Video.

May is M.E. Awareness Month

Many events are happening across the world, including #MEAction’s “Millions Missing”.

Find out how to get involved here.