What We Do

As a campaign, we are passionate about giving a voice to the ME/CFS community and telling their stories- the real ones. Not airbrushed, but the real truth they face every day. In our survey 83% of ME/CFS sufferers said they have had negative experiences with friends and family understanding their condition.

So much of ME/CFS research and material is dense with medical statistics and long biological terms, which can be intimidating and difficult to understand if new to the community. This is why #ThisIsME is designed to portray a relatable, realistic view of the condition to hopefully open up our world to all.

The more people that can understand the difficulties someone with ME/CFS faces on a daily basis, the more awareness we can raise for better medical research. And the more effort that goes into research, the closer we could be to a cure and allowing ME/CFS patients to regain control of their lives.

#ThisIsME campaign

Our #ThisIsME graphic campaign uses real quotes that real people with ME/CFS hear all too often. Misconceptions and negative stigma attached to the condition can often be derived simply from misunderstanding, so we are creating these posters to try and combat this lack of awareness.


For people who have never experienced ME or CFS, it can be hard to imagine the realities of the condition. Our #MEislike hashtag is a chance for individuals with the condition to share how they feel with the rest of the world, in an easy to understand manner. Submit a quote @ukthisisme on Twitter or Instagram to be featured.